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Flower Bullock

Flower Bullock
Executive Chef

Namaste Bullock-Dix
Baby Brand Ambassador

Aloka Indivari

Graphic/ Media Designer


magically euphoric plant based treats & eats!

Stoner Girl Treats & Eats was a small idea thought of in a danked out dorm in Los Angeles, in 2012, and later came to breathe life in Washington DC, Fall Of 2016.

Stoner Girl's Mission Is to provide wellness relief, quality treats, eats, cakes, bakes, wellness care, & consistent , delicious plant based alternatives for patients. Our carefully handcrafted treats use only the best local, non-GMO, organic & dairy free plant based ingredients, to produce the same deliciousness, potency, purity, and consistency, every time!

Hi, I'm Flower Bullock,  the creator and head chef of Stoner Girl Treats & Eats. My love for plants has lived a thousand years. A former pastry arts student of The Art Institute of Los Angeles. Born in New York City, and raised in Maryland, after getting kicked out of culinary school, I relocated to Washington, D.C to work with various animal activist groups, as well as multiple human rights organizations, helping the fight for equality, the right to label Genetically modified products, cannabis legislation and minority rights,  in addition to caring for my ailing mother whom at the time was diagnosed with gastro-intestinal cancer.

(Did You Know: Stomach cancer has risen 7.9% in the U.S  since 2008).

I was inspired to find a harmless holistic path to health. With a strict plant based diet, the introduction of CBD + other cannabinoids, a reduction of genetically modified foods, and harmful prescription drugs, like many others, my mothers health changed dramatically! 

While reducing our carbon footprint, merging a plant based lifestyle along with the healing powers of hemp, we hope to inspire, create, cultivate, change the world & heal the nation one munchie at a time!

We simply believe in peace through our products :)

Stoner Girl is for everyone, every being .  Thank you for joining us on this magically euphoric expedition.

*Our products DO NOT contain THC & will not cause  a mentally euphoric high*



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